Why She's Crazy & You're Stupid

"Sometimes she is just on another crying jag and there isn’t anything you can do to calm her..."

Why She's Crazy & You're Stupid

"Sometimes she is just on another crying jag and there isn’t anything you can do to calm her..."

Why She's Crazy and You're Stupid

George Carlin’s observation that women are crazy and men are stupid is perhaps most evident when a couple has their first baby on the way. 

Are you thinking about getting a butterfly net and cutting her off from the Internet? Is she thinking, “This laggard hasn't read even one of my ten books?” Does she wonder, “What kind of mother will I be? What’s happening to my body? What about my job? OMG, birth! What will my baby be like? What to put on the registry?” All while you’re having breakfast? 

Since your understanding of each other is critical to building a happy family, explaining the fundamental differences between you and your mate, based upon recent revelations from neurobiology, is a good starting point. 

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She’s Running Hot, You’re Not

Oxytocin is the “love hormone” triggered by interactions with people you really like, and each time you meet you are left wanting more. Gentle touch ramps up the flow, and skin-to-skin contact turns it on high. It’s truly addictive behavior at its finest; it drives the human species to love and thrive.

Her oxytocin boosts started kicking in before she even conceived, from just holding her friend’s baby. It starts rising steadily once the plus sign appears and she becomes aware of her baby growing inside her. It leaps when she feels him move, and it skyrockets at birth. 

Your mate essentially has a nine-month head start over you on falling madly in love with her baby. So if you think she’s acting like she’s on drugs, well, she is; it’s called oxytocin, and the medical folks say it’s stronger than cocaine. 

You Will Get Hooked Too

Your oxytocin boost triggered by your baby starts showing up with the sonogram, then surges once your baby is in your arms, and continues to rise as you become hands-on and involved. The more you interact with your infant, the more oxytocin you enjoy, and the deeper your bond will become. 

You will get oxytocin bursts from your baby sleeping on your chest, while flying her in the air like Superman, wrestling, adventures with pillows and blankets, and lots of laughing and fun. Count on becoming fully addicted to your baby in due time. The symptom of this powerful drug is that Mom, and ultimately Dad, will do anything their baby needs.


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