Who We Are

Who We Are

 Dads Helping Dads

 In 1990, ten men, each expecting their first baby, sat down with the best experts available – new dads who brought their infants.  Just babies and men, like a nursery in a locker room with no women over two feet tall allowed.

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The "veteran" dads knew the challenges the “rookies” were facing and had recently come up with their own solutions.  The rookies had questions and concerns about their unknown future. Some had serious worries, some not so much; all wanted to do their best as a father. The new dads told the soon-to-be dads what they'd learned firsthand about babies, new moms, and life with a new family.

After watching the dads take care of their babies for three hours, with no moms around, the rookies thought, “I can do this too.” And they did.

About six months after their babies were born, these now confident first-time “veteran” fathers returned with their little ones to share what they learned with the next group of rookies. They were different men; they had been tested, survived and were now thriving as dads. Like you can expect to.

To date, more than 400,000 men have participated in Boot Camp for New Dads (BCND) across 45 states. We’ve learned a lot from each other, and you’ll find it all on this website. What you won't get is preaching, judgment, or positions on issues of personal choice. Instead, we give you information you can trust to make your own decisions on what’s best for your new family. We add depth and insights for new fathers you won't find anywhere else. In other words, we’ve got your back. 

How We Began

 From Greg Bishop, founder:

“We really got started when my business collapsed in 1984 just as our second child arrived. I spent the next seven years at home helping take care of my four children while I built a new business. Best thing that ever happened to me.

Having grown up with twelve brothers and sisters and after four children of my own, I was very good with babies My brothers and new dads I knew asked me for advice, and it occurred to me that men would enjoy their babies more if an experienced dad showed them the ropes.  That led to our workshops. 

I didn’t have all the answers, so I asked some dad friends to bring their babies. Later the rookies started returning with their babies as veterans, and after several years I had dads coming to Irvine to learn how to be Boot Camp coaches. It is now nationally acclaimed as the best practice for helping men step up as fathers.

BTW, our original name was Bootee Camp; Bootee used to mean something different.”

Eric Decker Enlists in Boot Camp for New Dads (2:19)

 Moms Joined In 2012

It didn’t take long to know that dads got comfortable with their babies pretty quickly, but understanding new moms was a whole different animal. Since the most important factor in the success of a new dad is a new mom, learning from and about new moms was always a priority.

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As we talked to new moms, we learned:

  • Dads are a misunderstood breed. When they were even thought of.
  • The hormones when becoming a mom are crazy.
  • The stress and pressure of all the conflicting info and expectations were debilitating for new mothers.

The antidote to this was Boot Camp for New Moms. It works the same way as BCND – moms-to-be learn from new moms with their babies what to expect those first few months, what worked for them, what they wish they had known, what’s going on with their new dad partner, how to bring out the best in him, and how to lighten up on themselves (really – it is possible).

Once a mom realizes the new dad-to-be in her life wants to help her do her best, support his family in all respects, and keep the flame burning, she takes a new approach to including him as her partner. He is also experiencing a transformation, so she asks him how he is doing too.

This approach won the grand prize as the TED/Clinique Best Smart Idea for Women (see the video above). and is reflected in the section for Moms on this website.

TED/Clinique video (3:42)

A Great Start for a New Family

All this cross-pollinating between new moms and new dads has had a huge bonus. With a better understanding of each other, it’s easier to avoid the landmines that most couples face when dealing with a new baby, new responsibilities, and new levels of exhaustion. 

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Two-thirds of relationships go downhill after the first baby comes, but yours won’t. Because you’ll know what focus on and what to talk about. Like gatekeeping, how you’ll handle sleeping, how to keep your relationship strong and so much more.

You’ll know that these conversations need to start before the baby comes and continue well into the future. And when they do, you’ll know that your baby is getting the greatest gift of all, a happy family. And you just can’t overestimate the power of that.


Dads Adventure Base Camp

For 30 years, Dads Adventure has been talking to new dads and mining the latest research, breakthroughs and dad discoveries, to amass the most comprehensive guide to new fatherhood, created by dads for dads, in the world. We give you information you can trust with depth and insight you won't find elsewhere.

We give you what you need to know as you transform into a dad and feel confident. All vetted by 400,000 dads and counting. 

It is free to help all new dads can get their best start. If we all do our job, the world we turn over to our children will be a lot better than it looks today.

7 Learning to Care For Baby

Join Us

We're here to help you get your best start as a father like other fathers did for us. 

Not that long ago, we were like you –trading a knot in our stomachs for excitement. We’re now tested, up the steep learning curve, and We are giving it all as dads,  and getting the job done with mom. We are proud of our families, and most days, ourselves. 

Our simple, yet very effective formula has worked year after year, from 1990, when someone asked “Why would a guy need a workshop when they have a baby – they don’t do anything for the first year,” to today, when you’re expected and want to be involved, and take care of your baby and family in the best way you know how.

We see being a father as life’s greatest adventure. We are honored to have you join us. 

Boot Camp for New Dads, Hawaii
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