Who We Are

Who We Are


Who We Are

Dads Adventure, sponsor of Boot Camp for New Dads since 1990, is dads charging it with pride, respect, confidence, capability, and when required, courage. We inspire each other and help the new guys when they need it the most. They, in turn, help the next guy.

We believe fatherhood is men’s opportunity to show what we are made of. Our objective is to reach and support all new dads to make the world better for all our children.

How We Started

In 1990 a few of us dads felt a new father would be more capable and enjoy his baby more if oriented by dads. His alternative was to learn how to be a dad from the mothers around him. We also felt stockpiling this information would be appreciated by all new dads.

 It worked. Our “rookie” dads-to-be came back as “veteran” new dads to teach the next group, and veterans trained to become Coaches to facilitate our workshops. Boot Camp for New Dads (BCND) spread across the U.S. and on military bases to become the nation’s premier support network for new fathers.

 We are dads helping new dads get their best start.

Eric Decker Enlists in Boot Camp for New Dads (2:19)

60 Second Docs on Boot Camp for New Dads (2:19)

 Moms Joined

The most important issue and factor in a new dad’s success is his mate, so learning from and about new moms was always a priority. In 2012 we added Boot Camp for New Moms where moms-to-be learn from “veteran” moms what worked for them, what they wish they had known, and especially on how to bring out the best in dad. With both dad and mom on the same page, they avoid the landmines most new parents face.

TED/Clinique video (3:42)

Now Online with DadsAdventure.com

Dads Adventure, Inc. has sponsored and partnered with the non-profit BCND for 30 years, and now have combined to offer BaseCamp online, as well as our upcoming DA Oxygen, How I Became A Dad podcasts, and  …..

Please Join Us

We’re here to help you get your best start as a father. We see being a dad as life’s greatest adventure, and we would be honored to have you join us.

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