The Celebration Starts Here!

Your journey as a dad has begun! Celebrate the biggest (and best) adventure of your life with a memento for the special bond between you and your baby. 

Dads like you deserve to be recognized for the important part they play in their child’s life, and the positives they bring to the table are endless. Science has proven involved fathers have a huge impact on their baby’s development and lead to healthier, happier, more resilient kids and adults. 

Our beautiful, cigar box treasure chest recognizes the unique bond babies only have with their dads. It’s designed to hold precious keepsakes…the wrist band from the hospital, ticket stubs from your first ballgame together, a crayon-covered drawing (that definitely looks like you and not a monster)—little gems that capture memories between the two of you and represent your ever-growing, unbreakable bond.

Storing photos on your phone is nice, but having keepsakes you can physically touch—and pass on to your child one day—is where family history is born.   

This may look like just a cigar box, but it’s really a time capsule of your love for your child, so what are you waiting for? Those memories won’t make themselves!

Celebrate fatherhood…the adventure of your lifetime!

In two versions, including "Premium & Personalized."

Proceeds go toward funding for Boot Camp for New Dads. Free shipping within the continental US only.

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Dads Adventure Cigar Box Treasure Chest

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Premium Treasure Chest

DA Treasure Chest - Premium & Personalized

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“[Getting the treasure chest] represented my transition to something bigger than me alone. The chest made me imagine everything I wanted to do with our daughter when she was in my arms, everything we were going to play and discover together! It was very exciting and made me realize what was about to come.”

- Alex, New Dad


The tradition of handing out cigars at a birth has been part of our culture since the 18th Century. The less frequently acknowledged tradition of dad keeping the cigar box and filling it with his life’s mementos most assuredly soon followed.

I have a cigar box full of my “treasures” on my dresser; pictures and videos when my children were very young, of our adventures together like backpacking when they were three, my Pee Wee soccer teams (I knew nothing about soccer), and my favorites: their handwritten notes after they learned to write.


Every time I open it, I get a burst of my children’s vibes right into my heart. Pure pride and joy. You will have to trust me on this; your treasures, like good whiskey, will keep getting better with time.

May your treasure chest be overflowing in the years to come.

Welcome to fatherhood!

Best wishes –

Greg Bishop
Founder, Boot Camp for New Dads &

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