Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By using the Dads Adventure website and services, you expressly understand and agree to the following, legally binding terms of use.

Every effort has been made to ensure the reliability and accuracy of information provided by Dads Adventure on this web site.  Although health care professionals have reviewed pertinent information, this website and any other Dads Adventure materials or products should never substitute for the advice of your personal physician or health care professional.

In addition, parties outside of Dads Adventure may contribute comments, suggestions, and information on this website.  Dads Adventure is in no way responsible for the accuracy or reliability of such information and by using any information on this website, either submitted by Dads Adventure or any third parties, you accept full responsibility for use of such information.

If you do comment or participate on the site, the information becomes the property of Dads Adventure and may be used or republished in any way that Dads Adventure determines will serve the purpose of helping men become great dads.

By submitting comments or information, you affirm that all copyright laws have been followed and no copyrighted material has been submitted without the express consent of the owner.  Dads Adventure reserves the right to monitor the information contributed to the site and prohibits any use of obscene, harmful or otherwise objectionable language. 

You may not copy, print, sell, store digitally, publish, adapt, or create derivative works from information on this site, unless specifically authorized in writing by Dads Adventure.

Dads Adventure and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any consequence either directly or indirectly, relating to any action you take based on information contained on the web site.  You are solely responsible for evaluating and considering the risks associated with the use of material on the site and by using this site, you agree to hold Dads Adventure and its affiliates free from any damages of any kind.

Dads Adventure reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any time by posting a modified Terms of Service on the web site.

Above all, let's remember why we’re here; to provide solid and relevant information to men (and those around them) so that they can be the best fathers possible.

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