Remote Podcast Recording: Skype

Information for our generous Vet dads who are lending their voices to elevate fatherhood.

Remote Podcast Recording: Skype

Information for our generous Vet dads who are lending their voices to elevate fatherhood.

Hey there, Dad! Thanks for being on the podcast!

This page is set up to help the folks who will be appearing on one of our podcasts. This page simply explains how to connect our microphone to your computer (if that's applicable), how to contact us through Skype, how to record (sort of) and other odds and ends to (hopefully) make things as simple as possible on your end...


Setting Up the Microphone

The microphone is a Blue Yeti USB microphone. Odds are good it'll be plug-n-play (well, plug-n-record) whether you're on Apple or PC.

Quick Mic Setup
Plug the USB cable into the bottom of the mic, make sure the Mute button is NOT flashing, turn down the Volume dial, set the Gain to about Noon, and choose the cardioid pattern (above)

Mic Setup with more words
- Connect the mic to your computer using the supplied USB cable. It'll be obvious which end goes where. One end goes into the bottom of the mic, the other goes into your computer.

- The Mute button should be glowing red. If it's flashing, push the button (if the button is flashing, mute is engaged and you can't record sound).

- Turn the Volume knob all the way down (counterclockwise). That controls the volume of the headphones, coming from the jack on the bottom of the mic. 

- Set the Gain knob to about Noon (straight up).

- Make sure the Pattern selector is on Cardioid. The third choice (see image)

Test The Mic
Test the mic setup by plugging headphones or earbuds into the Headphone jack at the bottom of the Yeti. Listen while you slowly turn the Volume knob clockwise while speaking into the mic. You should soon hear your voice loud and clear.

If you don't ever hear your voice, check the Gain knob to make sure it's turned to 12 o'clock/straight up. If not, turn your headphones back down and turn the Gain up. Then, start this process again.

If you still don't hear yourself, let us know.

Here's a decent video on setup.
(Only watch 2:30 - 4:30)


NOTE: The Yeti is a "SIDE ADDRESS MICROPHONE," which means you talk into the SIDE of the mic, NOT the TOP (see the yeti using a Yeti)

Talk into the FRONT, toward the Blue logo.

Connecting to Skype

Connecting the mic to Skype is very easy. Forgive us if this is pretty self-explanatory:

- Connect the Blue Yeti microphone to your PC or Mac using the supplied USB cable.

- Within Skype, select the Yeti microphone as the Audio Input Device.

- Leave Skype video input set to whatever you usually use for video calls (if you're using video)

- Test audio quality with Skype Call Testing Service. Look for "Skype Test Call" in your Skype contacts. Call that contact and listen for instructions.

- Connect to BCND on Skype at the Skype handle "danklass" (We'll get a more Boot Camp-sounding handle soon).
Skype Settings

This is from Skype version for Mac. Your screen may look different.

Your Internet Connection

We would like to get as clean a recording of you on our end as possible, so a strong internet connection is important. Just some tips/reminders:

- Hardwired connections are better than WiFi. Some computers have ethernet connections. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it.

- If you're using WiFi, the closer to the router, the better.

- If you have a slower connection, you may not want to let the kids watch Netflix or YouTube while you're on Skype. They suck up a lot of bandwidth. Netflix and YouTube, not the kids.
Ethernet port on a laptop
Ethernet port on a laptop

Please check your internet speed at You need a speed rating of at least 1.5 - 5 Mbps for the recording.

Delivering the Audio Files

We will let you know how to get the audio files to us.

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