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Cigar Box Treasure Chest + Book Bundle


A great deal for Mom or Dad. Our Cigar Box Treasure Chest and a Crash Course book at an amazing savings! The Treasure Chest is a solid wood box with dove-tail joints, perfect for all your/his most prized keepsakes, and available with personalization. AND get Crash Course for Dads-to-Be or Crash Course for Moms-to-Be at a reduced price!

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Crash Course Books for Dad and Mom


Crash Course for Dads-To-Be and Crash Course for Moms-to-Be are the best way to prepare for parenthood (with the help of more than 350,000 new dads and moms).

Find out how to:

  • Get ready for life with Baby
  • Support your partner and work as a team
  • Get your sex life back
  • Keep your baby safe
  • Handle family, friends and visitors

*Free Shipping within the continental United States only.

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