Getting Ready For Your Baby

"She came 5 weeks early. We were not even close to being ready."

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Invest In Your Relationship

Creating a building block of humanity works best when parents collaborate, have each other’s back, and appreciate what each other offers. Love rewards and strengthens your teamwork, and enables families to thrive.

The opposite is true as well, and 2/3rds of new parents find out the hard way – they report that their relationship suffered after their baby arrived. They didn’t get ready for the momentous challenge they took on together; you can. Since she will be thinking of your baby, you will need to take the lead.

Here is how:

Practice Talking With Her

If you are like most men, you are not very good at it. If you don’t fix that with some practice, your relationship will suffer as your parenting “team” bumbles through months of sleep deprived stress with too much to do and often divisive issues to confront.

To boost your skills, take the lead as your partner has other issues she is focused on. Pick any issue, tell her what you think, and ask what she thinks. You will find a lot of prompts on the key issues you will face on the Starting [a Family Checklist](link to checklist) that you can download and print. Practice talking to get good at it.

Make a List of What You Do For Fun

To help re-ignite the romance after the initial months, make a list with your mate of the things you like to do now. Check off the ones below that you like, and add your own:

Listen to music
Get a massage
Find a new restaurant
Do a puzzle
Go for a walk
Cook dinner
Visit with friends
Bowling/mini golf
Bike ride
Nap together
Go out to a movie
Make love
Go for a drive
Add yours
Add yours

Celebrate what you have to get her by using your pre-baby downtime to do more of what you checked.

Dial In On Her Pregnancy

You are already helping her handle her pregnancy; to step it up, take a look at the current month in her pregnancy book and ask her about something (anything) she may be experiencing. Then ask her “is there anything else you would like me to know?”

She will may be overwhelmed with all the information she is absorbing, perhaps of potential threats to her baby with a minuscule chance of occurring. Having your interest and calming thoughts will mean a lot to her. Go here (link to pregnancy list) for a cheat sheet on pregnancy symptoms.

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