Epidurals: What the Dads Say

Epidurals: What the Dads Say

Epidurals: What the Dads Say

"We ended up with one, yeah. My wife is very stubborn. She likes to do it on her own and doesn’t like help from anyone, including me, but that changed." 

"It’s a catheter that they install in her spine. Different facilities have different policies, and ours has the father step out when they put the epidural in. They insert it in the spine. It is like a drip system so they can control the amount that she gets. Your wife will sit there and click the button, and you will be like: 'They only give you so much.'" 

"I was a little concerned about the risk of paralysis since it’s in the spine, but if you look at it, the spinal cord actually ends well above where they insert the needle."

"They have my wife hooked up to the monitors and she was having contractions…you can see the spikes and she’s just in pain. After the epidural, you see the spikes and you’re like ughhh, and she’s just hanging out like everything is all good. The other thing with the epidural is the anesthesiologist may be busy...It took them 45 minutes after she really went into labor to get the epidural going. There is a small window when they can give you the epidural, so if you wait too long it might be too late. So ideally, let them know when you get in. "

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