Dads On "Looking"

Dads On "Looking"

Dads on "Looking"

“C-section: A nice nurse told me it would be quite bloody and I did not have to look. I replied, ‘It's OK, I've gutted many fish.’ Stoned wife laughed. Nurse left with a horrified look.”

“They let you look? I wanted to, but they've had guys pass out before, so looking over the curtain was a big no-no. One of the nurses had to take my camera to get the pre-clean up baby pictures.”

“They will let you look, but they are cautious as it’s not uncommon for the fathers to pass out. I personally enjoyed the C-section and found it very interesting to watch them cut him out.”

“Not only did they let me look over the curtain, the doc told me to get my camera ready just before he pulled the baby out: ‘I'm gonna hold her up, ready?’"

“Look and film, yeah, no problem...They warned me though.”

“You may be like me and stupidly think: ‘It can't be that bad. I've gutted deer.’" 

“Man, people say this, and I’m the kind of guy that faints when I get blood taken, and I watch, but it wasn't even bad; it was kind of cool to watch the baby emerging.”

“Watching the baby crown, and then seeing him take the first breath and go from like blue/white to pink, it was really like watching a statue come alive. It was awesome.”

“Yeah, and I should say I am normally very squeamish, but the whole birth thing didn't bother me at all. I mean it was my baby and my wife, you know?”

“Cut the cord and also bathed and washed the baby immediately after she came out. Also, as the baby was coming out (crowning), I looked. Would not recommend this. Some things you cannot unsee.”

“I shouldn't have looked either. You don't want to know how the sausage is made.”

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