Boot Camp for New Moms Online

Boot Camp for New Moms Online

Online for the first time ever!

Boot Camp for New Moms is a unique workshop where moms-to-be hear new moms (with their babies) share what they’ve learned, what worked for them, what didn’t work, and what they wished they had known . . . and now you can experience it from the comfort of your home.


The online workshop

Up your confidence and join new moms who were just in your shoes to hear about:

  • Understanding Dad and bringing out the best in him
  • Keeping your relationship strong after baby
  • On the ground strategies for teamwork with your partner
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders and Baby Blues
  • What breastfeeding was like
  • And so much more

Boot Camp is three hours long and led by our highly trained coach facilitators. Encourage Dad to sign up for Boot Camp for New Dads, then grab lunch after the workshop and share everything you've discovered!


Crash Course for Moms-to-Be

Crash Course for New Moms will show you how to thrive through those first tough months with the advice of new moms who were just in your shoes. Who knows better about functioning with no sleep, the pressure of thinking you should know what you’re doing, and how to make the best decisions for your family?


The BCNM Facebook Group

Let the questions fly (and maybe answer a few yourself) when you join our Facebook group of soon-to-be moms, new moms, and coach facilitators. 


Moms Email Series Name

What you need to know when you need to know it. Don’t worry about having to remember everything: We’ll do the work for you and send you bite-size bits of the key takeaways to make your mamahood smoother.


Field Guide for Moms

The multimedia, online extension of Crash Course for New Moms, with even more info, insights, downloads and videos - up-to-date and always evolving. 


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Boot Camp for New Moms Online

Only $45


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