Football Benefits Babies and Dads

The Center for Research on Paternal Issues (CRAPI) seeks insights on men’s evolution into dads. The impact of watching football together with their baby is a time-honored tradition among fathers. To measure the impact, we chose critical factors in the development of babies and dads.

Dads Optimize Breastfeeding With Love

While new moms are consumed with caring for their baby, new fathers are searching for ways to get off the sidelines. The challenges moms face with breastfeeding present dads with a unique opportunity to get into the game from the outset and score big with the new mom in his life, his child and his family.

What New Fathers Need

The difference between our dads as “rookie” dads-to-be and “veteran” new dads is striking. They transform into different men, but they don’t have much of a clue as to how. When I ask our veterans how they did it, all they can say is “one day at a time”. If we showed them a video of themselves as a rookie, they would be surprised at how far they have come. We are starting to get the videos to show new rookies and looking deeper into how they did it.

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