"Adventure" T-shirt & Onesie Combo

"Adventure" T-shirt & Onesie Combo

T-shirt and onesie combo
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"Adventure" T-shirt & Onesie Combo

These adult t-shirt and onesie combo sets are a great gift for a new Dad, ideal for a Dadchelor Party/Man Shower. Many size 

combinations to choose from. Start Dad out right with this great gift!

We think this says it all: Fatherhood is the adventure of a lifetime!

But why “adventure?”  Because fatherhood, like any great adventure, requires hard work, patience, and dedication to get the payoff. It’s a seminal rite of passage and a source of pride. This t-shirt tells the world you’re all-in on the journey and going the distance for your kid. You’re embracing fatherhood and showing your child the world in the way only you can!

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