Irvine, California (June 14, 2020) In a landmark study from Daddy Boot Camp’s Center for Research on Paternal Issues (CRAPI), dads watching football with their babies in their arms was found to equal the bonding achieved by mothers and babies when breastfeeding. This is due to the high level of oxytocin (i.e., love hormone) generated in dad and baby during a three-hour game.

Other research has found early father/baby bonding results in the intense commitment of dads to their children. In addition, due to babies’ attraction to the contrasting colors and their movement in rational patterns in a football game, watching optimizes conditions for their rapidly developing brains. The babies’ quick grasp of the West Coast Offense demonstrated this enhanced capability. 

Daddy Boot Camp, offering the nation’s premier support for “rookie” dads-to-be, warned that a delay in the return of football would be a huge setback for fathers and children.

This evidence also suggests that due to an infant’s developing eyesight, the bigger the TV the better. An emerging subject for future research was the babies’ mirroring their father’s emotional and intellectual commitment to their teams, indicating this is innate and coded in their genes. Another was the reactions of mothers; most, after exposure to the fun, intimate family time occurring during football games, also took up watching, while others joined a national trend of ignoring science. 

The Center for Research About Paternal Issues seeks insights on men’s evolution into dads. Our observational study consists of three decades of helping new moms and dads build their families. It is sponsored by Boot Camp for New Dads, the nation’s orientation workshop for men becoming fathers since 1990, and now online as Daddy Boot Camp.

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