Watching Football is Good for Babies

The Center for Research on Paternal Issues (CRAPI) seeks insights on men’s evolution into dads. The impact of watching football with their baby is a time-honored tradition among fathers. To measure the impact, we chose critical factors in the development of babies and dads.

The oxytocin (i.e., love hormone) generated in both dad and baby when he holds and cares for her is the key element in their bonding. The hypothesis is that dad/baby bonding is substantially enhanced in their extensive contact during a football game and her mirroring of dad’s emotional and intellectual commitment to his team.

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TIL A Texas dad sold his business and built a $51 million amusement park for his disabled daughter with free admission for everyone with special needs. Morgan’s wonderland has had more than a million visitors since it opened, and one-third of it’s staff includes people with special needs. from r/todayilearned

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