3 Things Guys Should Know About Babies

3 Things Guys Should Know About Babies

Babies Don’t Break
They seem fragile and delicate, as if they might break if you don’t hold them the right way.  Actually, it is their surprising strength that can get them into trouble, when they suddenly rollover near the edge of a bed or push off a changing table with their legs.  You want to be gentle, but babies are built to be handled and are very flexible.  Just be careful that they don’t fall.

Don’t Expect Love at First Sight
Connecting with a baby generally comes naturally for moms; dads have to work at it.  In a recent study, 70% of new fathers reported that it took them weeks and months, not hours, to bond or form a strong attachment to their babies.  This is especially the case if you expect yours to look like a Gerber baby right out of the chute; newborns tend to have skinny legs, cone-shaped heads, blotchy skin and flat noses.

Your Baby Will be Unique
A baby can actually have “your” ears or nose at birth.  And with luck, Mom’s disposition.  A few sleep through the night within the first week and some scream with colic for three months.  Which means that much of the standard advice you hear will not apply to yours.  It also means that after a couple of weeks at most, the world’s expert on caring for your baby will be you.  Just the way it should be.

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