Taking Care of a New Baby Article

The Best That Life Has to Offer

From experience, we know that given the opportunity, your baby will grab hold of your heart, provide you a new and serious source of strength, and add dimensions to your life that for now are unimaginable.

Of course, one of these dimensions may be having nothing else to talk about but this special little angel who takes all your partner's time and energy, won't let you sleep through the night, regularly tosses his lunch and screams at all hours.

There is a reason that we sacrifice so much for our children. We experience our baby's warmth, snuggling, smiles, coos, and the amazing depth of her eyes as she gazes up at us.

Falling asleep on your chest, warm, soft and secure in your arms, she clearly needs you and you know that no one else will look after her and protect her like you will. When she turns her head to you, or reaches out when she hears your voice, you know you are very important to her.

The reason is that children provide us the best that life has to offer. No title compares to "my daddy" uttered with pride and a smile by your little one who thinks you are the biggest, best looking, strongest, smartest, coolest dad on the planet.

No endeavor is more important than consoling your child who is upset over a nightmare, showing your frustrated kindergartner how to hit the ball off the tee, or reading that fairy tale one more time.

No adventure measures up to the satisfaction of seeing his excitement in catching his first fish, or reaching the summit of a mountain with your teenage daughter.

Fatherhood is about sacrifice, dignity and honor. Our children bring out the best in us as men, and the pride and fulfillment we experience by doing this challenging job feeds our souls.

The key is developing confidence before she arrives, and jumping in with both hands once she does. Get involved, give it time, and keep it up. What you give your child, and receive in return, is up to you.

What have I treasured the most? Rocking Samantha to sleep in my arms, knowing that that moment in time is singular and unbelievably a precious treasure.

The things we could do when we had no children are not missed, because they are replaced by things 1,000% better. I love my daughter with all my soul. I really love getting and giving 100 hugs a day.
- Veteran Dad


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