Taking Care of a New Baby Article

More Things to Know About Babies

There is a geat deal to learn, of course, and a few more lessons from the front lines of daddyhood are as follows.

You Already Have a Little One to Protect
With a baby growing in mom's tummy, you already have taken on the major responsibilities of fatherhood. While gearing up for her birth and homecoming, make sure she is well protected and cared for inside mom.

Take extra care when driving, fix any loose steps or rails or slippery throw rugs at home. Take care of yourself as well, as your baby will need her daddy.

Fathers Have a Lot to Offer Babies
We are more than an extra set of hands, although that alone is a huge help with fussy babies. Our approach is different from mom's. It compliments hers, because there are some things we will just be better at.

Since babies learn a great deal from their parents, our unique personalities and styles alone broaden their horizons (especially our private discussions about sports teams).

Babies Can Be Boring, Frustrating and Irritating
Babies can be a wonderful source of joy and fulfillment, but they can also be boring, frustrating and irritating. It just goes with the territory, especially if you're unsure of how to care for and play with them. The more you do, the more you will know, and the more positive and constructive you will be in raising your child.

Babies Love to Play
Playing is their job and how they learn, and we are their designated playmates. Enough said. Make playing and adventures with your child job number one, and you will never have any regrets as a father.

They Grow Fast
The major regret of our fathers' generation is that they missed out on spending time with their kids. Career demands, waiting until the baby is older, the playoffs, feelings of inadequacy, etc. easily get in the way, and before you know it, something precious is lost forever.

The antidote is to develop a habit even now, a commitment to connect with your child every day in some way. Before he is born, just thinking about him will get you started in a direction that you both will greatly appreciate over the decades to come.

The most surprising thing was how natural fathering is.
- Veteran Dad


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