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Bringing Out the Hottie in Her

As new moms rediscover their sexuality after birth, an opportunity for you to take your sexual relationship to the next level presents itself.

In addition, working together in the parenting trenches fosters a more intense relationship, and as couples discover new reasons to love each other, making love can also be a continual process of discovery and increasingly intense intimacy.

Avoid the Obligatory Sex Alternative

The alternative is essential to understand and avoid. Many new moms engage in sex because they feel obligated to meet their mates' basic sexual needs.

She might be doing it because she loves you or to reward you for good "daddy" behavior, but it is not because she enjoys it. Her motivation will be reflected in her performance.

Celebrate Your Emotional Connection
Sex can be a richer experience to parents, as your baby reflects the real purpose and potential of making love. Moms find dads who care for them and their babies to be very appealing.

Watching a father lovingly give the baby a bath or walk a baby with colic all night can trigger strong feelings of love and respect for this man who shares her new love.

Inhibitions and distractions go by the wayside and the woman you love, who knows exactly what and how you like it, is open to sex becoming more erotically intense. You just may live happily ever after.

Discover New Sensual Opportunities
Her new body presents new sensual opportunities for an educated dad. Nursing moms can find the increased sensitivity of their breasts enjoyable.

While tired moms find orgasms take longer to attain, they report that they can be more intense and exciting. It may turn out that increased blood flow in her pelvic region during pregnancy does not fully dissipate, leaving her more sensitive on a long-term basis.

Her new sensitivity enables new levels of erotic intimacy for her, and it is only natural that she comes back for more, which is why a significant portion of women report that their sex lives become better after having a baby.

Have More Fun as Adults
Children push us past our self-centered focus, which in turn opens the door to a better sex life. When two people in love focus on each other's needs, the sky, in terms of erotic intensity, is the limit.

Experienced lovers know one another's hot buttons, and the trite issues that restrain our pushing on them tend to fade. Inhibitions fall by the wayside when two consenting adults are fully committed to each other, so don't be surprised if she asserts herself sexually.


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