Ramping up to Birth Article

Pregnancy: The Warm-up

The time between hearing "Honey, I'm pregnant" and "Oh my God, I think I felt a contraction," is a warm-up period for the rest of your life. Remember that most men start off slowly, sorting out and thinking through all the implications, while moms quickly ramp up to light speed.

The circumstances are similar to being left in the dust in the planning of the wedding after she accepts your proposal for marriage. Both events take about nine months, except this time she wants you to be very involved.

Keeping up with the pace she sets is impossible. Since burning out and quitting is not a viable option for you, the answer is to stay in the race by taking shortcuts.

Like the runner who took a cab for parts of the New York Marathon, you keep track of the race, show up periodically and make sure you are there at the finish line. All's well that ends well during the warm up period, as long as you are ready to go into action once the baby arrives.

The hormonally driven physical and emotional impacts of her pregnancy may be intense, and she will depend on you to help her get through the rough patches on the road.

It may just be up to you to save her from herself as she's started on the second jar of pickles, or if she's sneaking a cigarette in the bathroom.


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