Ramping up to Birth Article

Essentials for Your Hospital Bag

Packing Your Hospital Bag
Pack for the hospital well in advance, because your baby may come early. Being ready a couple of weeks ahead of your due date is prudent.

Prepare a List
Get a list together of the items you want to bring and keep the list with your bag to double check before you head out. To put a list together, get ideas from the hospital staff and through birthing classes. Talk to other expecting couples or someone who recently delivered. Many of the books on pregnancy will offer suggestions on what to bring.

We can offer a "starter" list below for you. Add and subtract as you see fit:

  • Everything your partner needs.
  • Everything the baby will need, such as an outfit and blanket for the trip home.
  • A few copies of your birth plan.
  • Change of clothes, toothbrush and shaving kit for you.
  • Comfortable shoes as you may do a lot of walking.
  • Something to read to her.
  • Bathing suit for you - to help mom take a shower or bath to ease labor pains.
  • Something to eat and drink; power bars and juice are suggested.
  • Champagne - put your name on it and ask the nurse to store it in the refrigerator.
  • Camera (we suggest black and white film during delivery).
  • Make sure you have some cash on hand.
  • Have a folder ready with important documents - insurance cards, pre-admission forms and any other documents.
  • MP3 player with her favorite music.
  • Tylenol or some other headache medication.
  • Any pain easing tools recommended at your birthing classes - balls to squeeze, hot or cold packs, massagers, etc.
  • Address book/list of phone numbers to announce birth.
  • Calling card (you may not be able to use a cell phone inside your room).

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