Making it an Adventure Article

Your New Buddy

Of all the powerful and complex dynamics in the circle of life, a father's critical role in teaching his baby to play has got to be one of the coolest.

Apart from basic bodily functions like eating, playing is your baby's main job. Playing teaches him how to laugh and take risks. It develops his motor skills and speeds the development of his brain and nervous system. Very serious stuff.

As a father, you are designed to be her perfect playmate. Tickling, flight lessons, peek-a-boo and wrestling all come naturally. Babies become ecstatic over beer drinking songs (a very effective speech and tone development technique).

As an added bonus, playing is bonding at its finest. Dads elicit the most radiant smiles and infectious belly laughs, sometimes with just a wink.

You can pretend to be anything, and he can be anybody you choose as you carry out incredible exciting adventures together. Playing encourages your flights of imagination about what he will be when he grows up, so let it soar.

Finally, it is never too early to start her on a career in sports (these days, kids turn pro in elementary school).

She will love the bench press (with you using her as the weight). And she will reward your demonstration of wrestling moves by pulling a fistful of hair out of your chest (babies have amazing upper body strength).


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