Making it an Adventure Article

Show Him the World

As chief adventure officer in your new family, this is your job. Babies are incredibly curious and will become quickly mesmerized with anything new to check out, so walking around the garage can be exploration at its finest. If he is fussy, it is also distraction at its best.

Start by carrying her against your chest facing out, with one hand under her bottom and the other over her chest, with her head resting against you. Just walk around slowly, positioning her so new things come into her field of vision. It doesn't really matter what it is; just watch her face to see what captures her attention. Describe it to her in a soft voice and just let her take it in.

Around the House
Start with wallpaper, the light switch and move on to pictures, mirrors (always interesting) and windows. The kitchen is full of interesting stuff, so take your time and open the cupboards one at a time.

A garden with flowers is great; let her check them out and touch them (careful she doesn't try to eat them). Bugs are very cool as they crawl around; ditto on the eating. Check out the grass; anything new, colorful or moving will do.

Away From Home
Every new place presents a new set of opportunities. Not just someone else's house, but their neighborhood, local parks, the mall, and the local truck dealer. Getting fussy at a restaurant?

Show her the menu and the pictures in the hall leading to the restrooms, or take a walk around outside where you can introduce her to cool cars. Make showing him the world a habit.

A soft baby carrier that allows you to carry her around on your chest facing out may become essential.

The Hardware Store Baby Tour
Hard to imagine a place with more interesting stuff for a baby to check out than a hardware store. Aisle after aisle with lots of colors, tools and materials that you can tell her about, and chances are you will always find something you need at home.

Careful she doesn't get close enough to grab things that might hurt her; letting her get the feel of a hammer while you firmly hold the hammer's head in your hand is fine.

Keep in mind that as you show him the world, you are continually adding information to his data banks and building his curiosity about what's out there.


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