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Games for 0 to 2 Months

Getting in just five minutes each day playing with your baby is a great start. Favorite games for 0-2 month-olds include:

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Get close to her face and smile, and around four to six weeks she will start smiling back. Many babies will imitate your facial gestures, so open your mouth, widen your eyes, and of course, stick out your tongue.

Even if she doesn't, keep trying, because this game can hold her attention for a long time.

Hold your baby with both hands - one under her bottom and the other cupped on the back of her head and neck. Hold her up in the air and let her fly around slowly and gently. Always firmly support her head and keep it higher than her bottom.

Put him on your lap facing up, place one finger in his hand so he grabs on, and pull it up a little. Then put another finger in his other hand so he grabs on with both hands. Pull him up just a little (Keep his unsupported head on your lap), and then let him down and repeat.

Baby Calisthenics
Games involving limb movement are possible at this age, but you'll have to do most of the work. With your baby on her back, gently pull her legs up toward you and then side to side, talking to her the whole time. Do the same with her arms.

Jumping Jacks
With your baby on her back, raise her arms over her head and then put them down. Then take one arm and gently cross it over towards the opposite shoulder. Repeat with the other arm. While you're doing it, count off the moves (a one and a two and a three and a four).

Walking at One Month
Their walking reflex is very cool. Using both hands to hold him, stand him on the bed and lean him forward. He will slowly raise one foot as if to take a step, and if you move him forward, he will take another. Another amazing feat to show the guys.

Lots of Belly Time
Now that doctors insist we put our babies to sleep on their backs, not only do they tend to get flat heads, but they have few opportunities to develop their upper body strength by lifting their heads and pushing themselves up with their hands.

So give him plenty of belly time while playing and he will be the first and fastest crawler in his Mommy & Me group.

Your Response is Her Reward
Kiss her hand and then give her a chance to touch you in return. If she knows that you delight in her attempts, she will do it more and more.

Be demonstrative and let her know how wonderful she is. And how all her moves are amazing. Tone it down when she turns ten; you don't want to embarrass her.


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