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What Happened to My Wife?

You may at times wonder what ever happened to your wonderful, loving mate. Pregnancy and motherhood do not always bring out the best in a woman as far as dad is concerned. In fact, at times you may feel like you want to hand her a broom to ride.


The impacts of motherhood will result in fundamental changes in your wife over a short time period. You are well behind her on the learning curve, which means that while she is getting hit hard, you remain virtually unscathed (she is unlikely to be sympathetic that you are no longer the main focus in her life).


These circumstances can make it tough for you to sort out what is happening, especially if you are taking her apparent rejection personally (it happens to the vast majority of us dads). If you feel like someone who has lost his mate, welcome to the brotherhood of fatherhood. You are not alone.


Keep in mind what she is going through mentally and physically, and try to keep your sense of humor. You may feel like her punching bag at times, which in essence is one of your new roles. Your job is to take it and hang in there, being as supportive as you can.


Her moods, which she can barely control, will come and go. You may as well roll with the punches since the alternative is not particularly constructive. It will also get you ready for after the baby is born, when mom will be worn thin and the punches may fall harder.


Again, your sweetheart is still there inside her, and if you hang in there, you will get her back.



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