Helping a New Mom Article

Becoming a Mom

Understanding your mate's transformation into a mom is essential if you are to work together to form a family. This is difficult to do since new mothers, as powerful events force them to adapt to a very different life, rarely understand what is happening to themselves.

Health care professionals and the popular month-by-month guides portray their extraordinary development as a progression of physical and emotional events, from morning sickness to mood swings to giving birth to postpartum depression, rarely explaining the overall impacts within the woman we love.

Our society loudly debates stay-at-home versus working moms, the benefits of breastfeeding, and merits of medication during birth. But it is also largely silent about the all-embracing changes brought on by motherhood.

This leaves it up to you to understand that over the initial year, motherhood will change her to her core. Your mate will, in essence, be reborn as a mother as she steps up to her awesome responsibilities.

The more you understand, the better you can help bring out the best in her as a mom, and as a partner. You will find that in time she does the same for you as a dad.


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