Taking Care of a New Baby Article

A Man’s Unique Perspective

The experience of many thousands of veteran fathers looking back and comparing notes provides a fresh and unique perspective on new moms.

Some of the basics:

  • Next to procreation, the metamorphosis of young women into mothers is the most remarkable of all human experiences.
  • Much of this change is beautiful: your carefree mate grows over just nine months into a mom who unconditionally loves and commits herself to the well-being of her - and your - child.
  • She experiences a long, tough and tumultuous ride, a physical and emotional gauntlet of thrills, pain, fierce love, depression, exhaustion, assurance, anxiety, and on and on.
  • She innately reaches out to other mothers, especially her own, who offer the comfort of having been there and reassurance that she is a good mom.
  • As she copes with her own and her baby's tremendous needs, she will no longer have the time or energy to be as concerned with yours.
  • Even surrounded by you, her family and medical professionals, she can still feel stranded and utterly alone.

Motherhood adds a whole new dimension to her; a new component to her personality and character, which she steadily embraces as her baby grows inside her and she builds confidence in her new role and responsibilities.

The girl you love is still there, and in time, you will get much of her back. You will also get a loving mother for your child, a part of her you will come to love and deeply respect.


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