Becoming a Dad Article

Welcome to Serious Manhood

Becoming a father is the ultimate rite of manhood for those who step up to the challenge. It is an individual event - we are not part of a team in which commitment and solidarity with our buddies is a driving force.

Whether we succeed or fail is entirely up to us. Add it all up and a more rigorous trial could not be developed. It clearly takes a man to raise a child.

Staying up with a crying baby, working without sleep, changes in your relationship with your mate, needing to earn more and still do your part at home, rarely having time for yourself, the demands of protecting, guiding, and being a role model to our children - there are times you must dig deep for strength just to get through.

And at times, having failed, you must dust yourself off and get up and try again. And again, if necessary, as this baby will always be your son or daughter.

Fatherhood is indeed an awesome responsibility, and presents each of us, no matter our size, age, education or income, a unique opportunity to be a hero to someone we love.

The true measure of a man is how well he performs as a father, and ultimately, we measure ourselves in terms of our effort.

As men, at some point in our lives, we want to know what we are made of. As a father, you will get your chance to find out.

Welcome to serious manhood.


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