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Laughing Beats Crying

Keep your sense of humor intact, and if you don't have much of one, get one. When stress and exhaustion take their toll, nothing beats despair and the blues like a good laugh. 

There is a good chance she will lose hers, and you may have to learn to make her laugh all over again. What you both previously laughed about may not be funny anymore; you may have to find new material.

Recommended Reading:
National Lampoon's, Mason Brown has produced a book, Breathe: A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy, which can help you maintain your sanity and sense of humor.

Breathe will show you how to laugh it all off. Show it to mom, and if she has any sense of humor left, she will laugh with you.

For the record, this book is so over the top, we cannot technically recommend it, as the politically correct enforcement squads would have us strung up in no time.

Keep a sense of humor. Work, family and marriage all add up to more than 24 hours, and there are places you have to give.

There is no perfect formula [for maintaining] a constant balance. But if you keep a sense of humor, you can find the fun in just about everything.
- Veteran Dad


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