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Developing Patience

When veteran dads are asked to list the top three most important things about becoming a father, one of the first things they say is patience.

Most men can find themselves frustrated, irritated and even angry when trying to cope with a crying baby when her reason is not apparent, or when responding to a critical spouse whose needs exceed any man's capacity for support.

While most new fathers expect the baby to become the main priority in the family, many are stunned at how little wifely attention or affection is left over for them. Dads also become frustrated with themselves as they struggle to both provide and participate.

It is particularly tough when you feel totally out of control, trapped and swept along by events. The temptation is to throw in the towel, and go have a beer with your friends. Which may not be a bad idea if that's what it takes to blow off some steam and regroup.

It's a long and frustrating road for the father who is not naturally endowed with a strong dose of patience. Step one is recognizing that this is one of the most important issues you will face. So how do you develop composure and not sweat the small stuff?

The best advice from veteran dads:

  • Don't take it personally, it happens to most guys.
  • Think constructively - come up with a plan.
  • Find someone to talk to and vent - get it all out.
  • Give yourself a break.
  • Exercise is a good way to burn off stress.

Don't expect immediate returns; just hang in there. It will get better, much better.


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