Becoming a Dad Article

Becoming a Family

With all the day-to-day changes, confusion and uncertainty new dads and moms encounter, it is easy to lose sight of your goal of becoming a family.

It is important that you not do so, because the rewards of a family are what make your sacrifices along the way incredibly worthwhile.

Keeping your mind set on what your family can become will help give you the determination and strength to get there. As words cannot do justice to how much your child will mean to you, the same goes for your new family.

You will just have to trust us veterans that nothing else can equal the fulfillment and happiness one brings.

Having a child and a family is the greatest thing in the world...It puts life in proper perspective for me. I realize that money, cars, and material things such as careers are far less important than I previously thought.

At my son's age, he doesn't care if we live in a mansion or a one- bedroom apartment. He just wants love from his mom and dad.
- Veteran Dad

You can look forward to thousands of magical moments as your family grows:

  • Can you imagine your one year-old son taking tottering steps towards your open arms, and developing a huge smile when you scoop him up in a big hug while you congratulate him on being the best walker ever?
  • How about your one year-old daughter looking at you and smiling, responding to your hug and smile with great pride and an enthusiastic string of "da-da's"?
  • How about you and mom silently smiling at each other when the child you made together makes his first friend, reads her first words, wants to help you wash the car, or about a billion other wonderful things kids to when they are loved and cared for?
  • Can you possibly imagine your one "in the oven" growing up and handing you and mom your grandchild, pointing out how he has your eyes?

A baby can provide his parents new opportunities and mutual respect.

The result can be a renewed sense of unity, the feeling of being a family, the shared challenge of working together to care for him, and the wonderful sense of fulfillment that comes from building something important together that will last for the rest of your lives.

Families are the basic building blocks of humanity. The struggles, even the sorrows, make a family richer.  You are your partner are doing something momentous, which is easily lost when you are both dead tired and perhaps wondering who should get out of bed this time to care for a screaming baby.

Take it one day at a time, and remember where you are trying to go. God speed.

I want to be my kid's role model so he won't have to look somewhere else to look up to someone.
- Rookie Dad


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