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Good Dads Are Priceless

The return on investment for good fathers is huge. Research indicates that children whose fathers are a consistent, positive force in their lives do better socially, intellectually, and on a broad range of other factors ranging from economic status in childhood to peer relationships in adolescence, to productivity as adults.

These children are also less likely to witness the breakup of their family, or be subject to poverty, teen pregnancy, violence or abuse. An infant who spends time alone with dad smiles more often, and is more likely to offer toys to him.

They look at and manipulate objects more enthusiastically, indicating an enhanced desire to explore and understand their world. Babies of engaged fathers experience more diverse social interactions and become more intellectually advanced.

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative's Father Facts:

  • Children whose fathers were involved with their care manage stress better during their school years.
  • Engaged fathers promote a child's physical well being, perceptual abilities, and positive relationships.
  • Boys and girls reared with engaged fathers demonstrate more self-control and greater ability to take the initiative.

Children are not the only beneficiaries of this strong father/child bond. Research indicates that men who assign a high priority to raising their children are more likely to be successful in their careers at midlife, to have happier marriages, and be more involved in their communities.

Children of involved fathers are much more likely to be responsible fathers themselves. Even poor, unwed fathers, when asked what their lives would be like without their children, often said, "I'd be dead or in jail."

Raising children brings out the best in men, to the benefit of their children, mates, communities, and themselves.

I was very fortunate to have a good relationship with my father. His father was not around from time to time, so he gave it to us in spades. He spent a lot of time with all the kids. I'm looking forward to doing the same thing with our child.
- Rookie Dad


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