Baby Health and Safety Article

What Men Bring to Caring for Children

Moms are innately warm, comforting, nurturing, and even nourishing to their babies. Babies come from mothers.

So what are dads good for? A lot, it turns out, and it goes way beyond just assisting mom. First, we introduce our babies to new and interesting things, starting with ourselves. You will find your baby looking intently at you, checking you out. She is essentially fascinated.

And very soon, dad’s presence or even your smell means it’s time to play, which according to recent research, is critical to baby brain development. Apparently when we play and roughhouse, that beautiful little mind goes into full gear.

Research has identified lots of ways our involvement pays off for our children. Greater self control and the ability to take the initiative are the payoff for boys and girls raised with an involved father. A close, warm relationship with our daughters will strengthen their feelings of competence and a sense of femininity. (Ultimately, it is up to us to show them what a good guy is all about.)

A father’s care and love contributes as much to a child’s intellectual and emotional development as mom’s love does. The love and care of mom and dad have an equal impact on their children’s well-being, happiness, and academic success. In some areas, a father’s impact is greater. A father’s love is the major factor in combating a child’s problems with conduct, delinquency or substance abuse.

Mostly, though, we dads have an innate desire to protect our children, and care and provide for them in any way we can, no one else can do what we can. We look out for our kids, and often are simply there for them when they need us.
The bottom line is that we offer our children a great deal.


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