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Day Care Essentials

About half of new parents do not have the luxury of mom or dad staying home to care for their babies. Day care may be the only option that works for your family.

While leaving your new baby with a stranger is not an easy thing to do, don't feel that you're a bad parent because of the choice you and your wife have made. Focus on making it work.

What to Look For
There are different day care options, including day care centers, day care at your place of work, relatives, live-in help, and perhaps friends or neighbors. Check them all out to make sure you find the best possible arrangement for your new family.

Suggestions for choosing day care include:

  • If possible, find day care by getting references from family or friends. Ask around yourself; don't leave this to just mom.
  • If it's a day care center, make sure you inspect it thoroughly, including making an unannounced visit. If they have a problem with your thoroughness, consider it a red flag.
  • If you choose an individual, make sure you do a background check, including calling 2-3 previous work references.
  • Trust your instincts. If it doesn't feel right, keep looking.

How to Protect Your Baby
Don't hesitate to take precautionary measures to ensure that your baby is in good hands and is well taken care of. If you have a babysitter and you are not happy, or for some instinctive reason you don't feel comfortable with this person, listen to your feelings.

  • Drop in unexpectedly during the day.
  • Pick up your baby early on occasion.
  • Talk to other parents.

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